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Section 115a subsections (1) and (2) of Book V of the Social Code - Pre-admission and post-discharge treatment in hospital

(1) Where hospital treatment is prescribed, the hospital may treat insured persons without accommodation and meals in medically-suitable cases in order to

1. clarify the necessity of fully in-patient hospital treatment or to prepare for fully in-patient hospital treatment (pre-admission treatment), or

2. to ensure or consolidate the success of the treatment following on from fully in-patient hospital treatment (post-discharge treatment).

The hospital may also provide the treatment in accordance with sentence 1 via registered contract doctors who are in private practice, and who are explicitly commissioned to so do, within the premises of the hospital or of the medical surgery. Subsection (2) sentence 5 shall not apply in this respect.

(2) The pre-admission treatment shall be limited to a maximum of three treatment days within five days prior to the start of in-patient treatment. Post-discharge treatment may not exceed seven treatment days within 14 days, with organ transplants in accordance with section 9 subsection (2) of the Transplantation Act (Transplantationsgesetz), three months after the end of the in-patient hospital treatment. The period of 14 days or three months may be extended in medically-justified individual cases in agreement with the physician referring the patient. Check-ups with organ transplants in accordance with section 9 subsection (2) of the Transplantation Act may also be continued by the hospital after the termination of the post-discharge treatment in order to scientifically evaluate or assist the further medical treatment or quality assurance measures. Necessary medical treatment outside of the hospital during pre-admission and post-discharge treatment shall be guaranteed in the context of the service guarantee by the physicians participating in contract healthcare. The hospital shall promptly inform the physician referring the patient of the pre-admission or post-discharge treatment, and shall notify him/her and the other physicians taking part in the further medical treatment of the check-ups and of their result. Sentences 2 to 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the follow-up care of organ donors in accordance with section 8 subsection (3) sentence 1 of the Transplantation Act.



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