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§630 g German Civil Code (BGB) - Inspection of the medical records

(1) The patient is on request to be permitted to inspect the complete medical records concerning him/her without delay to the extent that there are no considerable therapeutic grounds or third-party rights at stake to warrant objections to inspection. Reasons must be provided for a refusal to permit inspection. Section 811 is to be applied with the necessary modifications.

(2) The patient can also request electronic duplicates of the medical records. He/she shall reimburse to the treating party the costs incurred.

(3) In the event of the death of the patient, the rights ensuing from subsections (1) and (2) to exercise the interests under property law fall to his/her heirs. The same applies to the closest relatives of the patient where they assert immaterial interests. The rights are ruled out where inspection runs counter to the explicit or presumed will of the patient.



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