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§ 630 c German Civil Code (BGB) - Cooperation between the contracting parties; obligations to provide information

(1) The treating party and the patient should work together to implement the treatment.

(2) The treating party is obliged to explain to the patient in a comprehensible manner at the beginning of the treatment, and where necessary during the same, all and any circumstances that are relevant to the treatment, in particular the diagnosis, the anticipated health development, the therapy and the measures to be taken on the occasion of and subsequent to the therapy. If circumstances are recognisable for the treating party which give rise to the presumption of malpractice, he/she shall inform the patient thereof on request or in order to avert health risks. If the treating party or one of his/her relatives designated in section 52 subsection (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure has committed malpractice, the information in accordance with sentence 2 may only be used for evidential purposes in criminal or regulatory fine proceedings pursued against the treating party or against a member of his/her family with the consent of the treating party.

(3) If the treating party knows that the complete assumption of the treatment costs by a third party is not secured, or if sufficient indications of this emerge under the circumstances, he/she must inform the patient in text form prior to commencing the treatment of the likely costs of the treatment. Further requirements from other provisions as to form remain unaffected.

(4) The patient does not need to be informed where this can exceptionally be dispensed with because of special circumstances, in particular if the treatment cannot be postponed or the patient has explicitly waived being informed.



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