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EU-PATIENTEN.DE, the National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare, is an additional task within the DVKA since 2013. We will tell you who is responsible for what and where you can find more information for your insured persons when treatment is planned to take place in other EU Member States, EEA States or Switzerland.

EU-PATIENTEN.DE is the non-competitive platform for providing information to patients and healthcare providers to answer questions all about cross-border healthcare.

Offer for German health insurance funds

The Patient Mobility Directive (EU Directive No. 24/2011) provides that we work together closely with the National Contact Points in other Member States. This cooperation enables us to obtain information on the possibilities of treatment in other Member States. If you need information regarding a specific treatment in another EU country, please contact either the national contact point of the state of treatment directly or us. As we are closely linked to the other National Contact Points, we can act as an intermediary and forward your request to them. When addressing a National Contact Point in another country yourself, please note that its employees will probably not be able to deal with your enquiry in German.

Offer for healthcare insurers from another EU country

If you are a healthcare insurer from another country and need information regarding specific treatments in Germany, you may directly turn to your country’s . You may also send your enquiry to us.

EU-PATIENTEN.DE or the German Liaison Agency Health Insurance – International (DVKA)

EU-PATIENTEN.DE primarily addresses patients who are seeking information on the opportunity to take up cross-border healthcare services within the framework of the EC-Regulations or the Patient Mobility Directive mentioned at the beginning. The National Contact Point therefore does not change the role of the DVKA as far as you are concerned. Please therefore continue to address questions concerning rights and on billing-related issues in accordance with the EC Regulations to the competent organisational units of the DVKA which are already known to you.

The benefit entitlements within the framework of the Patient Mobility Directive have already been largely regulated in Germany since calendar year 2004 in section 13 subs. 4 to 6 of Book V of the Social Code (SGB V). Where there are any questions of interpretation in this regard, you can continue to contact our colleagues at the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband) in Berlin, who are responsible for domestic law. This also applies to questions of interpretation regarding the claims emerging from the Patient Mobility Directive, such as with regard to the cross-border presentation of prescriptions (EU Directive No. 52/2012). If you have any further questions on the Patient Mobility Directive or on the content of our website, please contact us at EU-PATIENTEN.DE.



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