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Checklists for doctors and dentists on in-patient treatment

A patient who has health insurance in another Member State would like to undergo private treatment in a hospital in Germany. In this case the checklist below provides you with an overview of what you should bear in mind before, during and after the treatment.

Before treatment

  • You have made sure that your patient came to Germany from a Member State for treatment and did not become in need of treatment during a stay in Germany. In the latter case, the patient should be treated within the framework of the European Health Insurance Card or of a Provisional Replacement Certificate. The patient furthermore did not express a desire to be treated on the basis of a billing certificate from the German health insurance fund or of a form E 112 or S2.
  • You have concluded a written treatment contract with the patient relating to the individual services. On request by the patient, you have sent him/her a cost estimate.
  • You have reached an agreement with the patient with regard to the form and period of the payment.
  • You have obtained information from the patient regarding his/her medical history, and have inspected copies from his/her medical records where necessary.
  • You have made sure that the patient has understood and consented to all the treatment steps which you are planning.

During treatment

  • You have noted all the measures, diagnoses and examination results in the medical records.

After treatment

  • If you need to prescribe medicinal products or medicinal devices to your patient, ask him/her whether these prescriptions are to be presented in Germany or in another Member State. If they are to be presented outside Germany, particular requirements need to be taken into account with regard to the content (Link -> Information for healthcare providers -> Prescriptions). Inform your patient that there may currently still be problems in practice if he/she presents prescriptions in other Member States. You should therefore recommend to the patient to present the prescriptions in Germany.
  • You have issued the patient with an itemised bill.

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