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Entitlements in accordance with the Patient Mobility Directive (DIR 2011/24/EU)

You will find information in this section as to what you need to bear in mind if your patient would like to be treated by you privately under the Directive 2011/24/EU.

If your patient submits neither a European Health Insurance Card nor a form E 112 or S2, please first of all examine whether the patient has deliberately entered Germany for the purposes of treatment or has become in need of treatment whether during a stay in Germany, for instance as a tourist, student or posted worker. In the latter case, the patient should be treated on the basis of a European Health Insurance Card or a Provisional Replacement Certificate. This can be submitted by the end of the quarter.

If the patient has health insurance in another Member State and has entered Germany for the purpose of treatment, and would like to be treated by you privately, you should have this wish confirmed in writing before beginning treatment (where possible in the language of the patient’s country).

In this case, your patient is to be treated as a private patient in Germany. Since patients from other Member States may not be placed at a disadvantage in comparison to patients who have health insurance in Germany, the respective Fee Code for medical professionals also applies in such cases.

Please provide the patient with written information which he/she can understand prior to treatment regarding the anticipated costs of the treatment. Also inform them that they will initially have to meet the costs themselves. In order to prevent any problems occurring in billing, you should have the full cost refunded by the patient prior to the desired treatment. Hospitals are entitled to charge an advance payment in accordance with section 8 subsection (7) of the German Hospital Fees Act (KHEntG).

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