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Would you like to be treated as a patient in Germany, and have unanswered questions?

You will find below an overview of answers for you which we frequently give in our consultations. You can obtain further information on this topic by clicking on the respective answer. We would also be happy to hear from you directly to clarify any details or other aspects.

What does a healthcare provider need to inform me of before providing treatment? He/she needs to provide you with information on the treatment, the risks involved and the likely costs; the latter must be in writing.
Do I need to give explicit consent to the treatment in advance, and if so in what form? Prior consent needs to be given either orally, in writing, explicitly or in implied form.
What does the doctor need to document in the medical records? The doctor needs to document all major actions and results in the medical records.
Do I have a right to inspect my medical records, and do I have to pay a fee in order to do so? Yes; you will however have to pay a fee if you need duplicates.
Am I entitled to an interpreter if I am unable to understand the doctor because my knowledge of German is inadequate? You can of course involve an interpreter at any time, but you will have to meet any costs.
What possibilities are there to have some of the costs met by my health insurance if I would like to undergo treatment in a German hospital? You can try to obtain an E112 or S2 form from your health insurer, and then obtain treatment at its expense as if you had statutory health insurance in Germany.

Alternatively, you can try to receive treatment in Germany as a private patient on the basis of the Patients’ Rights Directive and obtain at least a partial refund from your insurer.
What can I do if I have the impression that I have been the victim of medical malpractice on the part of a doctor or dentist or in hospital? Approach your medical professional providing treatment first.

If you have received treatment in hospital, you can contact the hospital’s complaints department.

You can initiate the Medical Associations’ arbitration procedure before going to court.

You can file a court action with the civil court which has jurisdiction.

How do I find a registered specialist physician or dentist in Germany? The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and many German health insurance funds provide search engines.

You can find a dentist by using the search engines of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists.
How do I find a hospital in Germany which carries out the operation that I would like to undergo? The German Hospital Federation and many German health insurance funds provide appropriate search engines.
Can the German hospital require me to make an advance payment if my health insurer has given me a written consent to cost acceptance? The hospital can as a matter of principle require you to make an advance payment if you do not submit a European Health Insurance Card, a Provisional Replacement Certificate, or an E112 or S2 form.
How long do I have to wait for treatment in Germany? There are no waiting lists in Germany. You can phone the medical professional providing treatment whom you have selected directly and arrange an appointment.



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