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Answers for healthcare providers treating patients from other EU countries

Here you will find an overview that we have compiled for you of answers which may already answer your questions. You can obtain further information on this topic by clicking on the respective answer. We would also be happy to hear from you directly to clarify any details or other aspects.

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What fee rates apply to patients whom I treat within the Patients’ Rights Directive as a registered contract doctor or dentist on my surgery premises? You will need to apply the Fee Code for Doctors or Dentists.
May we require a patient who would like to undergo treatment in our hospital and who only submits a written consent to cost acceptance from his/her foreign health insurer to make an advance payment? You may as a matter of principle require an advance payment if no valid proof of entitlement, such as a European Health Insurance Card, a Provisional Replacement Certificate, or an E112 or S2 form, is submitted.
Are we as a hospital obliged to involve an interpreter in order to aid in providing information if a patient who is insured in another EU country does not speak German? It is advisable to involve an interpreter in all postponable treatment so that you can prove that the patient was properly informed. The patient must pay the interpretation costs.
What requirements need to be met by a prescription which my patient wishes to present in another EU country? In addition to the information required in Germany, you also need to state your e-mail address on the prescription.



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